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What’s New at CareCloud? Passmachine and Expanded Analysis

We are proud to announce a fresh batch of additions to the CareCloud platform. Each new feature will help streamline your digital marketing. Let’s see what we have in store for you. PASSMACHINE CareCloud expanded its list of integrations and now supports PassMachine, an app that manages digital loyalty cards for Apple and Google Wallet….

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Write the Perfect Email Subject to Engage Customers

Subject lines actually matter more than content. Your emails need to stand out immediately so that customers keep opening them. Follow these basic tips for creating subject lines to ensure your campaigns won’t go to waste. SUBJECT RULES You should respect the subject line if you expect great conversion rates from emailing. The email’s body…

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Version 3.1.0 Email designer modifications

Designer modifications Now you don’t have to spend time trying to set the font type, size, colour or other elements. The changes you make are displayed as soon as you change the settings, so you don’t have to wait for the values to be saved and then displayed. The same way you work with settings…

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Emotional Intelligence: Find Out How to Use It in Marketing

Harness the power of emotional intelligence to connect deeply with your customers and enhance your marketing strategy. Gain insights into their emotions and integrate them effectively into your campaigns for maximum impact and engagement. WHAT IS EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? We all have different kinds of emotions every day. How you react to them contributes to your…

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Beyond the Email: Employ Other Channels to Drive Retention

Explore new ways to engage customers. Use CDP & CRM CareCloud to send communication across multiple channels: push notifications, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, and more. Email is far from the only option – reach customers on channels they use every day and skyrocket your revenue. SCALE YOUR BUSINESS WITH ADDITIONAL CHANNELS Emailing is great: it costs…

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Automation in the Fitness Industry: Have More Time for Your Workouts

Motivate your customers to spend time in your gym. Implementing effective automation can make a huge difference. It will help you expand gym memberships, better organize group lessons booking, and enhance overall profitability. BOOST YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS THROUGH AUTOMATION Stand out from the crowd with game-changing automation workflows. The number of fitness players in the…

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Drive Conversion and Retention with Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a must-have to grow conversion and retention rates. They motivate the first purchase and can even lead customers to loyalty. Take a tour through drip campaign basics with CareCloud as your guide. DRIP CAMPAIGNS FUNDAMENTALS Whether you sell beauty products, fashion, or electronics products, you must patiently motivate potential customers. You can’t…

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Unlock the Power of Single Customer View with CDP

The fight for customers is fierce. One of the possible ways to win is through a comprehensive view of customers thanks to data from multiple customer touchpoints – online & offline to create a personalized shopping experience. THE BETTER ONE WINS Single Customer View is a strategic approach to collecting and processing customer data, including…

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Automation Mistakes That Kill Profit

Automation makes marketers’ lives a lot easier. Nevertheless, even this excellent marketing tool can turn sour when mismanaged. The article will cover common mistakes encountered when dealing with automation. MAKE NO MISTAKE, AUTOMATION RULES! Few digital tools have completely transformed marketing like automation. When used well, it substantially decreases workload while supercharging your revenue, customer…

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SMS Campaigns Are on the Rise; Make Sure You Don’t Miss Them

SMS messages have a higher open rate than emails. Learn everything you need to know about SMS campaigns – the benefits and the best practices necessary for success. Sending email campaigns is a classic process, so why not try SMS? THE BENEFITS OF THE SMS CAMPAIGN Customers are more likely to open an SMS than…

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