Loyalty Engine Application

Become the loved brand and build genuine relationships with your customers thanks to limitless possibilities of the Loyalty App


Increase the average amount spent by your customers as well as their shopping frequency and lifetime value thanks to Loyalty Engine Application integrated with CRM CareCloud. Build strong relationships with your customers to decrease churn and improve business results.


Take Care of Your Key Customers

Devote energy and resources to the real spenders. Loyalty Engine Application helps you identify them and offers myriad reward and benefit types to choose. Whether you prefer a point-based loyalty scheme, discount program, tier program, paid VIP program, loyalty coalition or membership level scheme, Loyalty App has got you covered.

Engaged customers spend higher amounts, have a higher conversion rate, and purchase more often. Make sure that they remain your customers and not get seduced by competition. Develop mutual trust with your customers using advanced features of the Loyalty Engine App. Your customers will not care about the prices of the competition, you will be their only brand!


Inspire Loyalty

Enjoy the benefits of having a loyal customer base supporting your brand in difficult times and growing it during prosperous times. Design customer program in any way to fit your brand perfectly. Loyalty Engine App is able to manage any type of customer program, including coalition partnerships, the possibilities are limitless.



Access Limitless Possibilities

Create a unique loyalty program thanks to the limitless possibilities of the Loyalty Engine App. Launch flat discounts in a small coffee shop, administer point collection or redeemable rewards in a retail chain, or even manage an international coalition partnership program. Loyalty Engine Application is the smart solution for your business.


Manage every aspect of your customer program from one centralized administration and have full control from one place. Be focused on strategy and let Loyalty App collect, process and share all the relevant information.


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