Customer Data Platform for Entertainment

Customer data and relationship management developed for recreational resorts, SPA & health resorts, movie & music industry, sports operators, cultural events, and travel agencies


CareCloud Entertainment solution helps you enhance customer experience and increase their Lifetime value. CareCloud fits precisely your needs thanks to the rich environment of applications for Customer Data Processing, Relationships Management, Omnichannel Campaigns, Marketing, and Loyalty Programs.


Provide Even Better Experiences

Collect all the data from every customer touchpoint to provide even better and more personalized experiences. Use the well organized and structured data for targeted omnichannel marketing with high efficiency.

Grow customer relationships using the Loyalty program with rewards & benefits and automated communication based on custom scenarios. You will gain devoted customers thanks to frequent and meaningful communication powered by CareCloud's Marketing Automation App.


Meet CareCloud Key Applications

The Entertainment solution fits your business regardless of size, thanks to fully scalable Applications. Use CareCloud Customer Data Platform for customer data processing with great emphasis on Customer Engagement and Marketing results. You choose applications the most suitable for your business and enjoy seamless integration into your current software environment.

Analyse and Predict

Analysis & Prediction App analyses customer purchasing history, segment details, demography, omnichannel communication conversions, web browsing, and other activities saved in Customer Data Platform continuously. 

The aim of the Entertainment solution is to provide the best possible recommendation of the favourite product and improve Customer & User Experience across the whole customer journey.

Understand Customer Segments

Use the knowledge from the Customer Data Platform for insights about customer types and their frequency. Create dynamic segments for targeted marketing with a high conversion rate in Campaigns & Segmentation App.

CareCloud Entertainment solution provides you with tools for data collection & unification, smart segmentation, and marketing campaign execution. There is no need for any other marketing software.

Automate Your Communication

Building strong customer relationships rely on frequent, meaningful communication with your brand. Provide your customers with care thanks to automated scenarios with personalized content. You focus on the strategy of the customer journey, and CareCloud's Marketing Automation App executes it automatically.

CareCloud Entertainment solution helps you design smart workflows to increase the lifetime value and average amount spent by your customers.

Grow Customer Engagement

Develop an inspiring customer program to grow relationships with customers and make them fall in love with your brand. Thanks to the successful management of your customer program, you will no longer compete with price, but with the brand.

Use the Loyalty Engine Application to let customers know you really care and that your brand deserves their devotion. The lifetime value will increase significantly.



Unify Customer Experiences

CareCloud's CDP collects data from all customer touchpoints to provide you with a robust, unified customer database. Have data from the database at hand to unify customer experiences across all channels.


Your Customer Service, Marketing team, and Sales department will use the data to improve service level, drive conversions, and inspire loyalty. Invest in customer insights to enjoy increased ROI.


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Our Clients Fall in Love with CareCloud

Tatry Mountain Resorts always aim to provide guests and customers with the best possible experiences, which is why we chose Cortex to be our partner. Their focus on the simplicity and flexibility of the CRM solution fits our dynamic industry perfectly.

CareCloud connects all our online and offline european business channels to unify customer experiences across hotels, aquaparks, ski resorts, events, and e-shop. Our unique GOPASS program is powered by the CareCloud loyalty engine, giving us a competitive edge.

Marian K.

Tatry Mountain Resorts



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