Analysis & Prediction App

Understand where your growth comes from, analyse every customer interaction and anticipate the future purchasing behaviour


Benefit from analysis going two steps further to predict future purchase behaviour. Use it to plan, design and personalize your marketing campaigns better and promote efficient product combinations.


Know the Exact Success of Your Campaigns

Identify the winning strategy and the success elements thanks to advanced and customizable campaign analyses in Analysis App. Gain assurance that your marketing resources are spent efficiently and that your timing maximizes ROI.

Utilize CareCloud's ability to identify, analyze, and anticipate the desires of your customers. With custom analyses and reporting, you will never be guessing, but always aiming at the bull's eye!


Analyze, Predict & Recommend

Utilize the perfect combination of analytical and prediction tools to develop the winning strategy. Customizable reports, coupled with advanced recommendation models, offer you a clear path to success.

Know Your Geography

Understand regional difference thanks to advanced Geoanalytical tools providing results in well-arranged maps. Use this knowledge to further personalize the content of your marketing campaigns for better conversion rates.

Analyze Your Campaigns

Find out the actual results of your campaign and analyse it deeply step by step in the Analysis App. Know the real reaction of your audience by comparison with the purchasing behaviour of easily created comparison segments.
Get the hard data about relations between promoted products, their abandonment rate from the shopping cart, and the preferred type of delivery. Use this data for efficient upsell, cross-sell or to diminish purchase barriers.

Predict Purchasing Behavior

CareCloud predicts the future purchasing behavior of each customer thanks to data analysis of the entire buying behavior history, responses to marketing campaigns, communication history across the channels and all customer related data in CDP. Get the advantage of the best possible recommendation for every single customer and every type of omnichannel communication.

Measure Your Success

Optimize Recency - Frequency - Monetary parameters of every single customer thanks to the advanced analytical tools combined with recommendation relying on statistical models. Get all customer demography details in any moment of omnichannel campaign execution. Increase your profit and margin thanks to detailed reports identifying areas for improvement.



Access the Power of Knowledge

Discover the successful strategy in ready-made reports or create custom reports providing you with essential information for effective marketing and strategy decisions. Generate ad hoc reports if additional data is needed. Any information stored in the CareCloud's data warehouse is ready to serve you.

Visualize your progress on easy to read timelines to know you are on the right track. Compare different marketing campaigns with one click to measure your increasing efficiency.


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