Customer & User Experience

Enable your customers the best C&UX across all touchpoints, build stronger relationships and enjoy increasing customer lifetime value


Each of your customers is unique and deserves a unique experience. Utilize CareCloud's advanced features to make each customer feel special. Increase the lifetime value of your customers thanks to improved conversion rates of truly personalized omnichannel communication.


Provide Personalized Experience

Personalize every point of contact with your customer to match his taste and needs. Increase customer loyalty by designing variable websites, emails, and product offers to provide genuine customer experience.

Use all data from Customer Data Platform for automated upsell of products with the highest probability of purchase. Identify a product with the best conversion chance thanks to the smart prediction algorithm analyzing the customer's history.

Product recommendation may be based on products added to the cart, communication history and related customer conversion, further improving the prediction and increasing the average amount spent.


Data-Driven Customer Experience

Design your customer & user experience based on customer data. Enjoy increased marketing ROI, improved conversion rates, stronger customer loyalty and engagement thanks to experience devised from Customer 360 View App. Know the needs and desires of your customers, thanks to prediction features analyzing all data centralized in Customer Data Platform.



Become Supplier of Convenience

All customer rewards and discounts are bound directly to eligible customer accounts in CRM CareCloud. You can use any method to distribute benefits. Still, you can get rid of obstacles diminishing customers' joy from discounts and bonuses by abolishing paper coupons, voucher codes, and discount codes.

Manage benefits priority and redemption touchpoints, decide whether your customers will receive the discount based on your staff decision, by a simple tick during the checkout, or if it applies automatically. Your employes at the store will have readily at hand all the discounts and vouchers the customer is eligible to it.

Using these options will give your customers the best possible Customer & User Experience.


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