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Version 3.1.0 Email designer modifications

Designer modifications Now you don’t have to spend time trying to set the font type, size, colour or other elements. The changes you make are displayed as soon as you change the settings, so you don’t have to wait for the values to be saved and then displayed. The same way you work with settings…

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Who creates tips for you?

Miloslav Pexa

Hard-working visionary focused on providing the best possible customer experiences.

Sabina Bednářová

Talented copywriter with a knack for creating interesting and engaging content.

Vladimír Stříteský

Business-oriented expert on Automation, CDP, and data management for retail and e-commerce.

Jan Doleček

Marketing specialist with a penchant for archaic language, loyalty programs, and customer data platforms.

Jiří Šulc

Code genius overseeing all the new features and functionalities created for you.

Bára Hořejš

Blooming digital marketer and university student influenced by international environment with passion for writing and brand-awarness. Always seeking new solutions and exploring technology.

Ondřej Pexa

The expert on direct communication, e-mailing, and GDPR. Always finding new ways to boost response rate.