Industry-Leading Customer Data Platform

Use marketing oriented CDP to create unified real-time customer database accessible to any system


Enjoy increased customer Lifetime Value thanks to the comprehensive Customer Data Platform that enables you to create a persistent, unified, real-time, robust customer database.

CDP helps you collect customer-related data from all points of contact with your customers, identify, clean and unify the right data and create individual, centralized customer profiles easily.


Collect Multi-Source Data and Provide Insights

Collect all the customer data from online and offline sources. CareCloud CDP manages both online and offline data including transactional data, sociodemographic and personal data, customer attributes, customer omnichannel campaign events, web, email, social and mobile app interactions and engagement.

Provide well organized and structured data to any marketing, loyalty or customer service application. CDP output can be used by any application regardless of its purpose, developer or structure. Create powerfull omnichannel campaings thanks to unified data provided by CareCloud CDP.


Get to Know Your Customers

Searching for a successful marketing and winning strategy? Have all the relevant information at hand when segmenting customers and deciding about the next promotion.

Sounds too good to be true? It is possible thanks to marketing-oriented structure of CDP that is build for an improved customer experience and omni-channel marketing success.

Create Unique Customer Profiles

Customer data platform enables you to collect all customer data into one centralized customer database. CDP cleans, unifies and organizes collected data into a unique individual centralized customer data profile of each customer.

Recommend and Enhance C&UX

Enable your customers the best Customer&User Experience across all communication channels using appropriate product and service Recommendations based on the unique, unified view into your customers’ minds and needs based on customer profile data.

Utilize Accurate Predictions and Insights

When to launch a campaign and what to offer the client? Optimize your marketing efforts thanks to discovering interactions and predicting customer purchasing behavior. Drive your sales by supplying consolidated, accurate data for reliable predictive recommendations.

Achive True Personalization

Personalization using just a name or surname is not enough anymore! Access all necessary data in your Customer Data Platform to personalize every piece of your omnichannel communication content to match each customer’s taste in any application in real time.


How CDP Helps Improve Your Business and Your Customer Relationships

Today's customers demand personalised experiences and the best way to deliver it is to improve your deep understanding of their needs. Customer Data Platform is designed to collect multi-source data, provide insights, recommendations, and a complete view of each customer for the different departments of your company and all customer touchpoints.



Nowadays, customers use more communication channels than ever before, and expect to have a unified Customer Experience in all of them. Customer would negatively percieve receiving an email advertisement for a product that he has already purchased in a store. Thanks to the unified customer vision provided by the CDP this will no more happen, you will have a complete view of customer behavior that you can use to create a completely new customer experience. Moreover, improved Customer Experiences lead to greater loyalty.


Collection, unifying, usage and analysis of customer data for decision making and the creation of campaigns provides marketing teams with a substantial advantage when facing disruptive and competitive challenges. The transparency provided by these platforms makes it possible for the teams to react more quickly to changes in markets or customer preferences.


The benefits of access to Customer data are not limited to the Marketing team, but include all departments of your company. Sales, IT, Business intelligence and Customer Service depend on the availability of data to improve their activity. CDP enables easy and quick access to all this data in the different teams and points of contact with the client.



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CDP is prepared to help your Marketing department deliver targeted approaches across all communication channels. It enables your Marketing team prepare truly personalized content and campaigns that raise conversion, increase ROI, and provide a competitive advantage.

Your Sales team will be able to create detailed segments and personalise sales engagements with relevant information such as buying frequency, recent purchases, spend, or loyalty status and many other CDP data to optimise each sales opportunity.

Customer service will be equiped with all relevant data in 360-degree customer profiles so they can provide proactive, omnichannel support that enables best possible solutions of customer issues and enhance their true loyalty.


CDP centralizes Customer data with ready-to-use integrations, which saves much implementation effort. This enriches relationships with the extended ecosystems of the suppliers and partners, thus they are the beneficiaries of the implementation of CDP. The benefit of CDP integration is to offer more segmented and higher quality interactions within your company ecosystem.



Your company has multiple marketing efforts happening at once. CDP unifies multi- and cross-channel marketing communication by supplying consolidated, accurate, unique Customer data for all the channels. Audience and business rules can be configured centrally and applied directly in the different channels.

It does not matter if push, email or SMS message, social, direct mail, mobile app, web advertising, POS or any other customer touchpoint, the same unique personalized Customer data is distributed to all of them. They also serve to collect and organize new data in CDP that affect ongoing marketing efforts.



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