Customer Data Solution for Retail

CareCloud is an excellent help for retailers to manage customer data and grow relationships with their customers


CareCloud Customer Data Platform with its integrated applications resolves the key needs of retailers across Europe with an emphasis on Customer & User Experience, smart customer data processing, loyalty & engagement, relationship management, omnichannel campaign processing, and digital marketing growth.

CareCloud's Retail solution is suitable for networks of retail stores of any size connected with e-shops, making it the best long-term solution for any retail enterprise.


Get Solution Trusted by Retailers

CareCloud addresses complex retail needs with its rich environment of applications by giving you an edge over competitors. The applications are fully integrated, saving you implementation costs and streamlining administration thanks to its user-friendly nature. Let CareCloud take care of your relationship management, including customer database, segmentation, campaign preparation and execution, marketing automation, loyalty program, product reservations, and predictions.

Connect CareCloud's CDP with external applications seamlessly thanks to various implementation possibilities, including powerful API, FSTP transfers, or manual imports. CareCloud will cooperate well with your existing software environment.


Meet CareCloud Key Applications

Our experience with customer data processing and relationship management in Retail helped us to design CareCloud CDP and integrated applications to give you a competitive advantage. Below you will find key applications for Retail with a brief description of their benefits.

Make Your Marketing Smarter

Power your marketing efforts by Customer Data Platform for the most efficient customer segmenting and smart product recommendation. With CareCloud's segmenting tool, you create customer segments with the highest probability of purchase resulting in increased marketing success.

Improve further your marketing by personalizing the promoted product based on a prediction algorithm suggesting the most relevant items for a particular customer.

You can achieve your goals using only internal CareCloud Applications, yet you have the possibility to connect any external marketing tool you desire via API.

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Get an edge over the fierce competitions thanks to the Loyalty Engine Application with perks and benefits based on accumulated points, membership or discount level. Inspire loyalty and grow stronger relationships to enjoy increased average amount spent as well as shopping frequency.

CareCloud's centralized loyalty administration allows you to adjust customer programs for stores, e-shop, mobile app and across all other customer touchpoints at the same time. This advantage decreases your overhead costs and unifies customer experience.

Automate Customer Journey

Address increasing requirements on customer relationships with CareCloud's automation workflows. Thanks to smart personalization, your customers will feel the interest and attention of your brand.

Design the full customer journey to turn new customers into frequent buyers with strong loyalty to your brand. Let the Marketing Automation App do the heavy lifting, while you focus on the strategy.

Improve the Average Amount Spent

CareCloud Recommendations analyze customer purchasing history and customer segments to recommend products with the highest purchase probability.

Moreover, a fully customizable upsell feature allows you to offer additional products based on their suitability in relation to the shopping cart or current buying trends. With CareCloud, the average order of every customer increases.



Improve Customer Experience

Get rid of paper coupons, discount codes, or any other inconvenience for customers desiring to get your products. With CareCloud, you link the discount, benefit, or promotion with customer account for its convenient and easy redeeming.

CareCloud distributes available promotions for a specific customer via API to all customer touchpoints. Therefore your customer in E-shop gets available the same benefits as POS displays to the cashier. Stronger customer relationships are built via convenience, start building them now with CareCloud!


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Our Clients Fall in Love with CareCloud

I cherish our long-term partnership lasting for over 15 years. Klenoty Aurum grew together with Cortex into large, successful brands providing the best experiences to customers and clients.

CareCloud helped us to understand our customer’s needs and desires to personalize our service and build even stronger relationships. We are managing relationships with over 250 thousand active customers from CareCloud’s centralized administration, which makes our job easier.

Rony Lory




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