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Domluvte si Live DEMO

Domluvte si Live DEMO Konzultant Vás provede živou ukázkou platformy CDP & CRM CareCloud Domluvit Více informací DOMLUVTE SI LIVE DEMO Rezervujte si svůj termín…

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7 Scénářů pro marketingovou automatizaci

Získejte White Paper 7 Scénářů pro marketingovou automatizaci v retailu s největším dopadem na obrat, loajalitu a lifetime value zákazníků Získat Více informací 7 SCÉNÁŘŮ…

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Privacy Policy & Cookie Use

Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies We care about your privacy and personal data protection Learn more Get in Touch Privacy Policy and Use of…

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[Webinar] Customer Data Solution for Pharmacies

We have hosted a unique webinar focused on getting the most from your customer database. Discover the secrets of successful customer relationship & data management…

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Pharma Webinar

Click here to edit the dot navigation module. This text is only for editing and will not appear after you publish the changes. Tuesday, October…

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Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System Our smart Integrated Management System (IMS) shows the commitment to increased performance, employee and customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Learn more Get…

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Why to use email templates?

As many researchers have shown, creating an email consumes a high amount of time. It may take seven or more days for many marketers to…

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Understand Product Recommendation Types

Recommending the right products in the cart and during checkout is the way to the profitable e-shop. Let’s look at how to get the most…

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E-mail Automation: Basic Scenarios to Get You Started

Building strong relationships with customers is possible only thanks to the designed customer journey and intensive, meaningful communication. E-mail automation is the tool to achieve…

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Animation In E-mails: Avoid 3 Common mistakes

E-mail animation is one of the current trends which creates pressure on the marketing team around the globe to implement this new element. Animation grants…

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Retail CRM & CDP Solution

Versatile solution with an emphasis on Customer Experience, customer data processing, loyalty & engagement, relationship management, omnichannel campaigns, and digital marketing.


Choose a price bundle, move the insights to engagement, and transform your customer relationships with data using marketing-oriented Customer Data Platform.

Marketing Automation

Enjoy increased sales, decreased retention costs, and stronger loyalty of your customers, while at the same time saving precious time of your employees.

Customer Data Platform

CDP helps you collect customer-related data from all points of contact with your customers, identify, clean and unify the right data and create individual, centralized customer profiles easily.

Our Clients

CareCloud grows with each success brand entrusting us the customer data and relationship management, as well as the customer loyalty.

Customer 360 view

Provide your marketing team a better understanding of the purchasing patterns by visualizing all the customer data in one screen