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CDP & CRM CareCloud vyěn pro retail a e-commerce

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Vyberte si kliknutím na příslušnou ikonu Co chcete prozkoumat v ? Jak navrhovat chytré scénáře? K čemu slouží marketingová automatizace? Jak a k čemu automatizaci…

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Navigate through Customer Programs with CareCloud

Customer or “loyalty” programs undergo revival as an ideal way to collect customer data and build brand identity. Choosing the right type of customer program…

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Dark Mode: The Dreaded Spectre of the Emailing World

Emailing is at the top of the marketing world these days, but there are things that you need to watch out for. Below, you will…

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Simplify Customer Journeys with CareCloud Automation

Automate Customer Journeys Make your customers stay longer and leave less often with easy automation. Start using simple marketing triggers now! Marketing Automation Platform Start…

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Elevate Your Brand with CareCloud Easy-to-Use Loyalty Solutions

Create Your Own Loyalty Program Do you see customers buying once and not coming back often? Change this with our advanced yet easy-to-use loyalty program.…

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CareCloud CDP: The Key to Smarter, Cookie-Free Advertising

Customer Data Management Made Easy with CDP Make your marketing better with our easy CDP tool. It helps you with smart advertising without cookies. This…

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CareCloud Heads Loyalty & Automation Summit at COE24. Here’s All You Need to Know.

The end of February belongs to Czech On-line Expo 2024! This major e-commerce and retail event welcomes CareCloud as the guarantor and organizer of the…

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Create an Exciting Brand Personality and Reap the Rewards

Every business has a human side. Establishing a clear brand identity is key to healthy business growth: winning over the hearts and minds of consumers…

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What Happened in 2023 in CareCloud? Here Are the Most Popular New Features!

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on our strides at CareCloud. Discover the innovative features we rolled out this year, ensuring…

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Retail CRM & CDP Solution

Versatile solution with an emphasis on Customer Experience, customer data processing, loyalty & engagement, relationship management, omnichannel campaigns, and digital marketing.


Choose a price bundle, move the insights to engagement, and transform your customer relationships with data using marketing-oriented Customer Data Platform.

Marketing Automation

Enjoy increased sales, decreased retention costs, and stronger loyalty of your customers, while at the same time saving precious time of your employees.

Customer Data Platform

CDP helps you collect customer-related data from all points of contact with your customers, identify, clean and unify the right data and create individual, centralized customer profiles easily.

Our Clients

CareCloud grows with each success brand entrusting us the customer data and relationship management, as well as the customer loyalty.

Customer 360 view

Provide your marketing team a better understanding of the purchasing patterns by visualizing all the customer data in one screen