Customer 360 View Application

Gain an in-depth understanding of your customers across different applications and platforms in one place


Provide your marketing team a better understanding of the purchasing patterns by visualizing all the customer data in one screen. Increase the lifetime value by utilizing a full 360-degree customer view.


Get All the Customer Data in One Place

Examine behaviour patterns of a specific customer to understand the correlation of customer actions. Customer 360 View Application displays all customer's activities, including purchasing behaviour, RFM parameters, communication history, and social engagement in one place.

Aiming at satisfied & loyal customers? Provide your customer service with the necessary knowledge to timely resolve customer’s requests while keeping customer’s history in mind to build genuine relationships with mutual respect.


Know Your Customers

Searching for a successful marketing and winning strategy? Have all the relevant information at hand when segmenting customers and deciding about the next promotion. Sounds too good to be true? It is possible thanks to CareCloud Customer Data Platform collection of data from every possible point of contact with a customer using its powerful API, SFTP, or encrypted manual data transfers.

Review Customer Value in One Metric

How valuable is a customer? ScoreCard in your Customer 360 View Application will answer that using one aggregated metric. Compare lifetime value with the average customer to better target marketing campaigns. Create custom rules for customer service based on the ScoreCard metric to devote the best care to all your customers.

Check and Boost Customer Activity

Get in-depth look into customer's activity with regards to redeeming vouchers and points or the social network interactions. You will identify the areas with higher engagement to promote your relationships where it is efficient the most.

Get a Full View of Your Customer

Customer 360 View Application allows you to explore every angle of customer relationship. Understand synergic effects of your efforts by examining transactional, personal, demographic, social, behavioral, omnichannel campaign, and engagement data at the same time. Customer 360 View Application collects data from all your online as well as offline sources thanks to automated data feeds or encrypted file imports. Connect every application, POS, and  offline data to the Customer 360 View and marketing team will turn this knowledge into increased lifetime value of every customer.

Examine Your Marketing Success

Use Customer 360 View Application to visualize marketing activities on a timeline or assess customer segments with relation to RFM parameters. The Customer 360 View allows you to examine every aspect of customer behavior in tabs such as Customer Profile, Buying Behavior, Communication, Segmentation, Marketing Automation, Social Networks, Prediction, Recommendations, Loyalty, Reservations, or Wallet.



Prosper Thanks to Customer Insights

Join the list of successful brands using Customer 360 View Application thanks to a genuine understanding of your customers. Access the power of true personalization of content and products to build authentic relationships with your customers.

Loyal customers power successful brands with strong relationships with the brand. CRM CareCloud helps you to inspire loyalty and build authentic relationships with your customers.

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