Marketing Automation App

Enjoy increased engagement and reduced retention costs thanks to the easily created and best fitted marketing automation workflows


Enjoy increased sales, decreased retention costs, and stronger loyalty of your customers, while at the same time saving precious time of your employees. No need for additional marketing software, CRM CareCloud has got you covered!


Let Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

Provide your customers with personalized experience and communication without spending considerable resources to execute it manually. Marketing Automation App allows you to create automated workflows with fully personalized content to achieve the best results effortlessly.

Reduce costs thanks to automated data collection, profiling, segmentation, and communication. Customize any step of the automated processes to suit your marketing perfectly.


Design Your Success

Marketing automation allows your team to work smart, not hard. Focus your resources on developing strategy and leave the execution to the automation feature.

Increase sales and bolster customer loyalty by creating automated scenarios. Continuously improve your marketing by fine-tuning the scenarios based on their performance.

Create Automated Scenarios

Use automation that triggers precisely at the right time. Let your data drive the sales. Marketing Automation Application offers limitless creation of scenarios utilizing data from Customer 360 View App for the most effective communication

Decrease Retention Costs

Marketing Automation Application sustain and grow the relationship with each customer individually. Moreover, the personalization of content will make each customer feel special. Enjoy strengthened customer loyalty and, as a result, decreased retention costs.

Personalize Your Automation

Achieve remarkable synergy by combining automated scenarios with personalized content of promotions and communication. Your customers will have no chance of spotting that promotion was automated and not handwritten.

Rely on the Robust Solution

Marketing Automation App's scenario builder is ready for even the most sophisticated schemes. The App's infrastructure is prepared to run scenarios for hundreds of thousands customer accounts without any slowdown in parallel. You can rely on Marketing Automation App integrated with CRM CareCloud anytime, anywhere.



Automate Customer Journey

Design the whole customer journey to transform new customers into loyal key customers and increase the lifetime value. Starting with welcome e-mails, continuing with timed offers, and special promotions triggered by RFM measures, the Marketing Automation Application makes sure customers are taken care of.


Take advantage of cutting-edge features to create sophisticated scenarios based on favourite store, product category, or any data related to customer segments. Achieve remarkable ROI thanks to the synergy of truly personalized automation.


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