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What Are RFM Segments in Carecloud and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Find out who are your best customers – whom you want to treasure and keep satisfied—and who’s on the other side of the spectrum –…

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Use cases

Use cases Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Curabitur ligula sapien, pulvinar a vestibulum quis, facilisis vel sapien. Donec quis nibh at felis…

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What Is NPS, and Why Is It Significant for Your Success?

Ask your customers the crucial question to understand their experience with your brand! Net Promoter Score is based on customer feedback and reveals how your…

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Build a customer portals

Build a Customer Portal or Microsite Use CareCloud REST API to integrate with your customer portal or a web microsite for your customers Discover more…

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Integrate with POS system

Integrate with your POS or Cash Desk App Use CareCloud platform REST API to integrate with POS system or Cash Desk application Discover more Get…

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Integrate production system

Integrate Your Production System Use CareCloud platform REST API to integrate with a production system (BI, DWH, Booking, Accounting, Warehouse etc.) Discover more Get in…

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Build and E-commerce solution (e-shop)

Build an E-commerce Solution (E-shop) How to use CareCloud platform REST API to integrate your e-commerce solution? Discover more Get in Touch Setup and integration…

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Build a mobile app for your customers

Build a Mobile Application for Your Customers Use REST API to integrate the CareCloud platform with your iOS or Android mobile application Discover more Get…

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API Documentation

CareCloud REST API Developer Documentation Learn here the basics of the CareCloud platform API, from authentication to available resources. Learn more about the REST API,…

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Customer Account Registration

This is a showcase of the out-of-the-box Customer app available for CareCloud clients. To receive login details, contact us. Customer Account Registration JOIN OUR CLOUD…

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Retail CRM & CDP Solution

Versatile solution with an emphasis on Customer Experience, customer data processing, loyalty & engagement, relationship management, omnichannel campaigns, and digital marketing.


Choose a price bundle, move the insights to engagement, and transform your customer relationships with data using marketing-oriented Customer Data Platform.

Marketing Automation

Enjoy increased sales, decreased retention costs, and stronger loyalty of your customers, while at the same time saving precious time of your employees.

Customer Data Platform

CDP sbírá data ze všech zdrojů interakcí se zákazníkem. Identifikuje, čistí a sjednocuje tyto údaje pro snadnou tvorbu kompletních zákaznických profilů.

Naši klienti

CareCloud grows with each success brand entrusting us the customer data and relationship management, as well as the customer loyalty.

Customer 360 view

Provide your marketing team a better understanding of the purchasing patterns by visualizing all the customer data in one screen