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Why Use Email Templates?

By Ondřej Pexa  25. 2. 2021 ,

As many researchers have shown, creating an email consumes a high amount of time. It may take seven or more days for many marketers to design and produce one marketing campaign. And marketers work on multiple campaigns, meaning that an abundance of time is devoted to email creation. But what if we tell you that you can reduce the time and costs so you can focus on more valuable activities?

Yes, it is possible, and email templates are the solution!

If effective email templates are used, they cut down the time needed to build and create email campaigns. So you do not have to build new emails from scratch, but use parts of a code that were already designed and tested regularly.

Another advantage is that all your team can be involved in the production process. There is no need to transmit all necessary materials such as texts and graphics to the developer and wait until it is put into code. Instead, marketers can create new content on their own and immediately check how it works and how the email renders. Moreover, you reduce the time needed to review and test since templates are built on our properly tested and robust framework.

With CareCloud, all team members can collaborate on the development of an email in our easy-to-use tool. Building an email will not consume as much time as before. Moreover, templates help react to changes in your industry promptly. With the changing world, the emailing also changes and develops. And thanks to templates, you can react in a flexible, fast and fluent manner.

What exactly is the email template?

Email templates are built from basic components that almost every email has. Examples of these components are header, images, headlines, call-to-action, texts, separator, or footer.

Those are individual components that can be added to a template so the user can simply add a copy of text or image to build email within minutes.
Let’s have an example of a standard newsletter. Such a newsletter contains an article section built from a headline, an image, a copy, and some links. In a usual scenario, these sections would have to be put together via code, which is ineffective. In CareCloud, you can use these sections as a pattern to insert a copy of a text and images easily. Copy of a text can be formatted according to your needs almost without any limits.

Templates are flexible to use in every business purpose. For example, classic email newsletters, product announcements, event invitations, and transactional emails such as password resets, customer feedback, order status notifications, or birthday wishes.

Start using templates now with CDP & CRM CareCloud! It is easy, fast, and cost-effective.


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