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What’s New at CareCloud? Passmachine and Expanded Analysis

We are proud to announce a fresh batch of additions to the CareCloud platform. Each new feature will help streamline your digital marketing. Let’s see what we have in store for you.


CareCloud expanded its list of integrations and now supports PassMachine, an app that manages digital loyalty cards for Apple and Google Wallet. It can safely store your loyalty card of choice as well as send out all relevant marketing and informational notifications without the brand app installed.

PassMachine can send notifications of approaching reservations, expiration dates, or the number of loyalty points left. Moreover, PassMachine can send custom campaigns, exclusive deals, or back-in-stock notifications.

CareCloud now allows you to include PassMachine notifications as nodes in Marketing Automation workflows, the same way you operate SMS, push, and WhatsApp/Viber channels. Moreover, you can update card information via automated workflow. This eliminates the need for the card’s manual swap, and it keeps the customers up-to-date.


You won’t get far in marketing without a good analysis. We expanded and streamlined our Analysis & Reporting app.

Firstly, our app will now let you see the list of your automation workflows and their performance – how many are currently active, how successful they are, and how many times they were triggered. Having complete oversight of your automation workflows is critical, especially if you manage a large number of them.

In addition, the NPS (Net Promoter Score) reporting has been greatly expanded to account for different interaction types. Now, you can distinguish between NPS feedback for customer service and all other uses, including campaigns and purchase follow-ups.


Marketing technology evolves rapidly – we aim to be even quicker. We base our developments on your feedback to bring you new helpful features. Even with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and loyalty, we still learn and innovate every day to bring you top-shelf customer data solutions.


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