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Emotional Intelligence: Find Out How to Use It in Marketing

Harness the power of emotional intelligence to connect deeply with your customers and enhance your marketing strategy. Gain insights into their emotions and integrate them effectively into your campaigns for maximum impact and engagement.


We all have different kinds of emotions every day. How you react to them contributes to your emotional intelligence. It’s about identifying, using, and managing your emotions. But how does this affect marketing?

Customers tend to buy based on their emotions – preferring to buy from a brand that cares about the same values, like charity, ecology, and environment, while also trusting a brand that sends emails they empathize with. Thanks to the emotional intelligence of marketing, you can improve customer engagement and increase your sales. Let’s see how to do it.


Emotional intelligence marketing is an approach that builds trust with customers through empathy and tries to understand the customers’ values.

Emotional intelligence marketing includes:

  • Know your customers – marketing of emotional intelligence is based on understanding the values and priorities of your target group. To discover their values, address and talk to your customers about social and environmental issues.
  • Tailor and create content that resonates emotionally – Design a communication strategy around those values, for example, that your product was made in an environmentally friendly way or with the fair trade principle, that no animal testing was done, or that it is vegan-friendly. Tailor your content to align with customer mortal code in every communication.
  • Adapt to customer feedback – be open to the feedback, listen to your customers actively, understand their emotions, and use it to improve your brand.


But why do emotions have such an impact on customer experience? Because customers unconsciously ask the following questions when interacting with your brand:

  • How will the brand treat me?
  • Will my purchase harm the environment?
  • Am I supporting a brand with the same values?

Every customer has expectations before making a purchase. Listen carefully to what your customers say and make changes to give your customers the best shopping experience. Here are some benefits of emotional intelligence:

  • Strong emotional connection – understanding the customers´ emotional intelligence helps marketers connect with their values.
  • Improve customer loyalty – when customers feel that the brand understands and cares about them, they will stay loyal to the brand. According to the PwC, 65% of customers are affected by positive brand experiences rather than traditional ads. Emotional intelligence helps to build trust and a long-term relationship with customers. 
  • Improve trust and credibility – brands that use emotional intelligence are perceived as transparent, honest, and empathetic; thanks to that, they are more trustworthy for customers. About 88% of customers consider authenticity when choosing which brand to support.

Now that we know everything about emotional intelligence in marketing, we can move to the practical part – how you can actually use it.


Connecting the CDP with your brand creates a powerful tool to understand your customers and improve your marketing strategies.

With the help of CDP, you can gather real-time data. Send a net promoter score and collect data about emotional intelligence in one customer database to understand how your customers perceive your product, service, and brand.

Use the power of personalization. CareCloud’s Recommendation Engine is a versatile tool that recommends the right product to the right customer based on customer data and purchase history.


Join CareCloud and start to use the CDP with other amazing applications that will reduce your costs and increase revenues. Collect real-time data in the Customer 360 app, segment your customers, and create marketing campaigns easily with the Campaign & Audiences app. Marketing Automation then sends the campaign automatically without your intervention, and the Analysis & Reporting app will show you if the campaign has been successful. You get this and much more with CareCloud.


AI Technology Support Programme

The company Cortex, a.s. is implementing the Innovation of the Customer Data Platform utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning project, registration number FX05030120_7895, aimed at service and product innovation. The project is carried out under The Country for the Future program by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and co-financed by the European Union funds within the NEXT GENERATION EU initiative.



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