Integrate with your POS or Cash Desk App

Use CareCloud platform REST API to integrate with POS system or Cash Desk application

Setup and integration

You find here the complete developer's Guide to CareCloud platform REST API integration with your application. Please read and learn more about the integration process and make the first steps easier and simpler with Quickstart. You can learn how to use our REST API and create the first API calls. This guide enables easy authentication and safe calling with full respect to your data security. You find here the description of API parameters and versioning, URL structure, error codes, and HTTP verbs.

Enjoy the CareCloud platform REST API Guide!

Use Cases

Get inspired by the best practices

Make your work easier

Save time and money


Are you new here? Launch with Quickstart!

Learn how to use REST API

Your first API call


Learn how to authenticate to REST API

How to get and use bearer token?

Use REST API safe and sound

API tools set

You will find here the easy way how to start using CareCloud API. Just download the collection and import it into your Postman installation. In a matter of minutes, you can do API calls on your own. Moreover, you learn here how to use CareCloud API SDK, the convenient wrapper around CareCloud PHP Client, starting with installing the package, creating your API client, and accessing all the API endpoints from the $client object.

You find here the API client in PHP with a quick integration base to customize your implementation. Open API 3.0 documentation helps you generate your API client and provides the Open API tools set.


Postman Collection

Install your Postman or access it online

Download CareCloud API collection

See the first API calls easy guide


Easy integration

REST API SDK with full list of resources

Best practice implemented

PHP API client

Quick integration base

Customize your implementation

Access all API endpoints

Use cases

You will find here detailed descriptions of specific use cases for your needs. Get inspired by describing the best practices for integrating CareCloud platform REST API with your application and make your work easier. Using the related use cases will save you time and money!

Customer account operations

Sending purchases

Check out process

Newsletter sign-up and other operations



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