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Guide to Survival in the Cookie-less Era

Google’s resolution to eliminate third-party cookies is a shock for many, and businesses reliant on them will feel the sting of this decision. However, there are ways to prepare for the coming desolation – one of them is with versatile CDP systems like CareCloud, which allows you to retain the benefits of remarketing and lookalike audiences.

This article will briefly introduce the topic and offer a reliable way to prepare for the Death of the Third-party Cookie.


If your business significantly benefits from digital marketing tools such as remarketing and lookalike audiences, you should definitely take notice. 

Digital marketers relying on hefty third-party data for online advertising and accurate audience-targeting strategy will be direly affected by the coming calamity.


First announced in 2020, the decision to do away with third-party cookies has since gained new attention, as Google decided to set a date in stone – in 2024, there won’t be a single third-party cookie on Chrome.

This significant change follows the trend that some of the other browsers introduced (e.g., Safari or even Mozilla Firefox), but Chrome is currently the no. 1 used web browser with estimated 2.65 billion users. Or, if you like, almost 70 % of the whole market share. 

Even now, businesses cannot benefit from remarketing and lookalike audiences on Mozilla Firefox and Safari, which still make up a good chunk of web traffic. 

Without exaggeration, businesses thriving on online advertisement feel the burn already. Luckily, all is not doom and gloom! 


If you feel hopeless about the future of digital marketing, let us give you some words of comfort. For starters, the first-party cookies are going to stay untouched. This means there is still a huge potential in working with the data gathered from your own site, be it for marketing or analytic purposes.

To stay relevant and profitable, you will need to adopt a first-party strategy, i.e., one related to collecting customer data exclusively on your site.

And for these endeavors, a Customer Database Platform (CDP) is the optimal tool. With CDP, you will transform the first-party data into profitable opportunities.

CDP creates a safe haven for all your precious customer data in a centralized, holistic fashion. Automatically collected, clean, regulation-compliant customer data is readily available for all your digital marketing ventures.

With CDP systems, you can create profiles to effectively engage audiences and tremendously boost the performance of your ad campaigns or your sites. And that barely scratches the surface!


Google’s complete blocking of third-party cookies is drawing closer as we speak. Therefore, now is the opportune time to implement a versatile CDP.

You can easily create an audience segment with first-party data and export it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google Ads. This will essentially bring remarketing and lookalike audiences back from the dead.

With the fall of third-party cookies, first-party data will be your bread and butter as far as targeted online marketing activity is concerned.

Survive the cookie-less future and come out on top. Adapt and overcome!


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