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Utilize the Unique Analysis Tool for Viber Campaign by CareCloud

CareCloud now automatically creates analyses for your Viber campaigns. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of prior campaigns is vital to developing and optimizing your Viber marketing. Increase conversion and the average amount spent while decreasing the unsubscribe rate. 

This article will give you an insight into this new tool. Let’s take a look.


Marketing efforts, big and small, must constantly evolve if profit is to be expected. While email may still reign as the top of your campaign vehicle, expanding your net of channels yields positive results. Whether you strive for an omnichannel strategy or not, every piece must fit.

With over a billion users worldwide, Viber gradually becomes a popular channel for marketing enterprises in the EU and beyond. And as with every channel, a thorough analysis is necessary to improve campaigns’ success. You should learn, grow, and profit from every Viber campaign you send.

With this philosophy in mind, CareCloud offers a unique new analytic tool for Viber campaigns. And just as with emailing and SMS campaigns, it will help you increase customer engagement, conversion, and the average amount spent.


And what could you expect from this brand-new function? Let’s see:

  • Ascertain your reach with UTM parameters or Open Rate
  • Consider the effect on the audience through demographic data display
  • Learn the actual revenue of your campaign by benchmarking the control audience

CareCloud’s analyses of Viber campaigns are on par with emailing analyses in terms of complexity, precision, and quantity of metrics. Elaborating and optimizing your campaigns has never been more effective.


The basis of every strong marketing strategy is learning from your previous campaigns, each time stepping up your game. The analytic tools at your disposal will soon become your best friend in pushing your marketing forward unto brilliance.

CDP & CRM CareCloud offers much more. Our analytic tools work together with marketing automation, campaign designing, or loyalty program management to maximize the benefits gained.

With this unique Viber analysis tool, every misstep will become only a memory on your way to profit. Join CareCloud now!


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