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CareCloud CDP Tips & Tricks

Drive Conversion and Retention with Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a must-have to grow conversion and retention rates. They motivate the first purchase and can even lead customers to loyalty. Take a tour through drip campaign basics with CareCloud as your guide.


Whether you sell beauty products, fashion, or electronics products, you must patiently motivate potential customers. You can’t push too hard too soon, but gradually introduce the product, service, and brand in an engaging manner. In short, provide an excellent drip campaign. And since the customers signed up for marketing communication, the floor is yours to dazzle them.

A drip campaign is a series of automated messages with a set schedule that gradually familiarizes customers with your brand and products. The end goal is typically a purchase. Yet, seeking only one singular purchase is hardly viable in the current retention-centered market. Besides conversion, drip campaigns increase retention and build a brand reputation if employed correctly. 


A perfect place to start with drip campaigns is with a welcome/onboarding email, which educates customers about your product. As the customers have just subscribed to your communication, it is best to strike the iron while it’s hot, i.e., while your brand is on their minds.

Build an automation workflow that initiates with a welcome message and, after 5 days, sends a product story, introducing the production background, brand ambassadors, or reviews by reputable magazines. Then, after another period of 2-3 days, send another engaging message, e.g., how your product looks in action. 

Your customers will buy (or strongly consider buying) when the third message arrives. If not, you can send a last “masterstroke” message with a clear CTA packed with a lucrative, time-limited voucher. Make sure to alert customers when the voucher is about to expire: tap into the urgency and FOMO!


Another example is the tutorial series, which spreads brand awareness and provides practical advice. If you sell cosmetics, send out tutorials on applying makeup, add a product recommendation to supplement the purchase, or distribute tips on which products work on certain skin types. Customers will feel cared for and understood while you are an authority on the subject, not just a retailer.


You’ll need a powerful customer data solution to get the best out of drip campaigns: CDP (Customer Data Platform) is your best bet. In addition to customer data gathering and management, CDP & CRM CareCloud houses a plethora of apps and useful functions at your disposal.

  • CareCloud’s segmentation capabilities allow you to divide your customers into groups according to their demographic, transactional, behavioral, and communication data. Use it to personalize the content and timing of the messages.
  • Automation built within CareCloud lets you build flawless and responsive workflows in a comprehensive fashion. It also supports multichannel sending. Does your customer prefer SMS rather than email? No worries. In addition to email and SMS, CareCloud supports Viber, WhatsApp, and push notifications.
  • Don’t know how to start? CareCloud includes several out-of-the-box workflows to get you started ASAP. And guess what? The drip campaign is one of them. Get inspired and do it right!
  • Are you getting the hang of drip campaigns? Use CareCloud’s Analysis & Reporting app to see how well you do. Use the insight gained to fine-tune and perfect your campaigns.

With CareCloud, you’ll have all the marketing tools needed to create substantial and conversion-racking drip campaigns. Let’s do wonders together!


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