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CareCloud Heads Loyalty & Automation Summit at COE24. Here’s All You Need to Know.

The end of February belongs to Czech On-line Expo 2024! This major e-commerce and retail event welcomes CareCloud as the guarantor and organizer of the Loyalty & Automation Summit. Take this opportunity to gain the know-how from digital marketing titans and grow your business.


Events where the top brass of e-commerce and retail get together in one place are few and far between. That is why Czech On-line Expo 2024 (COE24), held on February 27-28 in PVA EXPO, Prague, is not to be missed. With over 5000 attendees, hundreds of exhibitors, and 16 thematic conferences, it becomes the ideal meeting place for experienced marketers and newcomers alike.

If you aim to increase retention rates and decrease marketing team workload, the Loyalty & Automation Summit is the place to be. As its guarantor, CareCloud vows to deliver exciting presentations and lectures by Czech industry leaders in e-commerce and retail. Gather precious know-how and network with other marketers – make history with us.


As our esteemed guest, you will surely enjoy the following lectures:

  1. Success stories never go out of style: Adam Pýcha could speak volumes. As the CMO of Knihy Dobrovský, he had to figure out how to recommend the right book (out of tens of thousands) to each customer. Out-of-the-box solutions, customer loyalty, and AI all in a captivating story: a regular must-see. 
  1. With seasoned Marketing Consultant Adam Kubina, you will discover how to boost conversion and uplift through RFM segmentation. Now reimagined as an excellent segmentation tool, the age-old RFM finally lives up to its potential. Turn hibernating customers into Champions!
  1. If you haven’t jumped on the AI train yet, Vladimír Stříteský, CareCloud’s Head of Marketing, will give you good reasons to remedy that. From onboarding to sending time optimization to personalized product recommendations, AI makes your marketing a great deal easier.
  1. There’s a good chance you heard about the stellar success of GOPASS. Tatry Mountain Resort’s Business Development & Operations Manager Vladimír Šarafín will take you into the behind-the-scenes of the defining loyalty program of ski and wellness resorts.
  1. Loyalty programs are undergoing an unprecedented revival as the best way to gather customer data and feed automation. Ondřej Pexa, Senior Loyalty Manager at CareCloud, will present the best practices from experience with brands such as GOPASS, Yankee Candle, or Lobster Restaurants.
  1. How can advanced segmentation and automation improve your emailing? Lucie Svobodová and Adéla Kotrbatá will teach you how to level up your communication with CDP & CRM CareCloud, the same as they did in Ambiente. Discover the ins and outs of CDP functions.
  1. Make the most of customer data with CDP at your side! Kazimír Krysta, a renowned CTO at Webscale, will reveal the true power of automated omnichannel marketing using this complex tool.
  1. Starting an e-shop, CRM, or POS? Watch out for connectivity. Lubomír Blaho, Senior Solution Architect at CareCloud, will discuss interconnectivity and how to get all the relevant data in real time.


Loyalty & Automation Summit is filled to the brim with insightful, exciting, and business-savvy content. Attend COE24 and build upon the knowledge gained from the lectures to transform your own business.

Should you wish to learn more about CareCloud or how to build customer retention, you are welcome to visit our stand opposite the Loyalty & Automation lecture hall, where we give free business consultations. We are but a step away, eager to help you succeed.

See you there.


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