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Automation Mistakes That Kill Profit

Automation makes marketers’ lives a lot easier. Nevertheless, even this excellent marketing tool can turn sour when mismanaged. The article will cover common mistakes encountered when dealing with automation.


Few digital tools have completely transformed marketing like automation. When used well, it substantially decreases workload while supercharging your revenue, customer engagement, and retention.

Even though automation is generally easy to grasp, there are general pitfalls in approaching, managing, and using it. Let’s get to the bottom of automation!


The first mistake comes in the form of bias: some marketers still think automation cannot properly engage the customer. In their mind, automation would send the wrong template to the wrong customers at the wrong time. Rest assured – automation will not spoil, twist, or make decisions for marketers.

But when (or if) a mistake is made due to some oversight, correct and learn from it: it’s not the end of the world. The advantages always outdo the obstacles as far as automation is concerned. When in doubt, trust that competition does automate and prosper while you hesitate. You do the thinking; automation does the repetitive work.


Before you even consider automation, ask yourself: how does automation help me now, and how can it help me in the future? When selecting an automation platform, be mindful of its capabilities and potential. Resetting the whole process and reinstating a new software after it outlives its usefulness damages profit and sets you back needlessly.

Our core Marketing Automation app creates comprehensive workflows that support sending messages across multiple media: email, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, and more. 


Even though we praise it, automation cannot replace human touch. You should automate mundane, repeatable tasks but cannot disregard creativity. It is not the end-all-be-all of marketing. It is “just” a highly efficient tool. The form and concept of your workflows are your responsibility.

Create automation templates and workflows with as much energy as you would all other campaigns. Employ customer data insight, which can inform the best sending times or relevant channels to use. As for the structure of workflows, simply adopt CareCloud’s out-of-the-box workflows to get you started! They are a perfect springboard to your own product-specific automations. 


Do not be fooled by initial success. Surely, you’ll want to ride the wave as long as possible, but you need to keep learning. Continuously analyze the effectiveness of your automations, update or delete obsolete workflows, and constantly design new ones. 

Moreover, thoroughly document every successful workflow in case of sudden shifts or fluctuation of employees. Cover all the relevant questions. Why did this workflow succeed? How did it come to be? That way, you’ll conserve know-how for future automations, so the information is never lost in transition.


If you want to increase revenue, skyrocket conversions, or ensure customer loyalty with automation, CDP & CRM CareCloud is your go-to platform. Our high-performing Marketing Automation app offers possibilities beyond any standard automation tool. React to any event, adapt to customer attributes, and devise bulletproof workflows within CareCloud’s intuitive interface.

It is human to make mistakes, even in automation. With CareCloud, you won’t even get a chance to make them.


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