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CareCloud CDP Tips & Tricks

Retention Strategies: Show Your Customers It’s Worth Sticking Around

With so many possibilities, keeping customers loyal to your brand has never been harder. Show your customers they are important to your brand. Here are five strategies with examples that will help you build long-term relationships with customers.


Consistent communication is key if you don’t want to fall into oblivion right after a customer’s purchase. Send your customer a newsletter with interesting tips, time-limited offers, or drip campaigns. 

Design an automation workflow that will send the emails without your intervention, or choose an out-of-the-box workflow from CDP & CRM CareCloud, such as a purchase feedback workflow. After every purchase, the workflow waits ten days and sends Feedback and Revenue email/SMS.

Show your customers you value their feedback. According to the CareCloud statistics, this simple workflow generates an average of 740 feedbacks per 3500 sales.


Every brand receives both positive and negative feedback regarding its products or overall company performance. The crucial distinction lies in the manner of response. One option is to ignore feedback and maintain the status quo. Alternatively, you can actively gather feedback, analyze it, and leverage it as inspiration for continuous improvement.

React to customer feedback as much as possible. Utilize the CareCloud automation that will react to the basic feedback on its own and filter the ones that need your attention.


Use the power of customer data for segmentation, personalization, and marketing campaign targeting. Stop sending emails with irrelevant offers and drop your customers only offers that interest them.

Recommendation Engine from CareCloud will recommend the right products to the right customers thanks to the collected data. Apply it in your marketing emails as one of many possible personalizations. 

Find out who your best customers are. Use the RFM segmentation that selects customers according to their purchase recency, frequency, and monetary value. Every segment needs different offers – send your “Champion” customers the new product offers and the “Need attention” group time-limited offer. Utilize the CareCloud tips to work with each group the right way.


Create content that will resonate with your customers. Write a blog post or send newsletters – there are many possibilities. Only 20% of your communication should sell products.

Find out your customers’ interests and adapt the content. Don’t know what the best content type is? AB tests different types until you find the most effective one.


The online world is full of brands with similar products. Give your customer a reason to stay – LOYALTY PROGRAM.

Create a loyalty program your customers will fall in love with and mainly reward your customers for frequent interactions with your brand. Give your customers a discount for a large purchase or use the membership status. It’s up to you.

Join CDP & CRM CareCloud and start using these retention strategies right away. Segment your customers, design personalized marketing emails, and send them automatically, thanks to the workflows. With CareCloud, you can also create a loyal program that matches your brand.


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