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Omnichannel – a Buzzword or a Viable Strategy?

Despite its almost mythical status, omnichannel can be a viable strategy, and CDP & CRM CareCloud is ready for its implementation. With core functionalities, such as Marketing Automation, Campaigns & Segmentation, or Analysis & Reporting, CareCloud can help you massively increase revenue, customer engagement, and retention.

The article will present possible omnichannel strategy solutions supplied by CareCloud.


Whether you are a seasoned marketer or not, you have surely come across the powerful “omnichannel strategy” and attempts at its implementation at some point. The few brands that managed this giant task mark an all-around success. But most companies lack the proper tools and resources to establish this all-encompassing marketing strategy. In the end, omnichannel became mostly an empty buzzword with no real substance – a utopic marketing idea. 

Thankfully, the current Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) aim to change that: with them, your omnichannel strategy will no longer be a dream but a prosperous reality.


The concept of omnichannel marketing aims to create seamless, uniform, and efficient customer communication that utilizes the joined potential of all the channels at your disposal. With its holistic approach, it is often put in opposition to the multi-channel approach, where each channel is managed as a separate entity.

Its first and foremost goal is to enhance and optimize the customer journey without hiccups. When implemented correctly, an increase in revenue, customer satisfaction, and reach of your brand will be the sweet reward. Now, let’s ask the million-dollar question: how to implement such an ambitious strategy?

That is where CareCloud comes in.


Similarly to the omnichannel concept, CDP (Customer Data Platform) revolves around unity with collecting, cleaning, and preparing customer data as its basic goal. Moreover, CareCloud’s core apps offer versatile tools to improve your direct marketing tremendously and, by extension, your omnichannel strategy.


Managing omnichannel marketing is nearly impossible without automated help. To achieve a smooth and logical process of communication across channels, use CareCloud’s Marketing Automation app. 

  • Create complex workflows for a wide range of communication: abandoned cart emails, onboarding communication, purchase follow-ups, and many more.
  • React to any customer interaction or set a timed loop. The triggers activating these workflows can be linked to custom events. A simple purchase is just the beginning. Add specific attributes to tune the communication further.
  • Set conditions that ensure the customer gets the message. Account for all the possible channels. Set reasonable intervals so the customer is not overwhelmed. 

Tip: CareCloud offers handy out-of-the-box workflows to get you properly started. You can then develop and enrich them to suit your business the most.


While not strictly dependent on it, omnichannel strategy still benefits hugely from personalization. Use all that hard-earned customer data and immediately enrich your strategy with personalized communication. A customer who feels understood is more likely to buy.

  • Employ demographic data and purchase history to optimize communication with each customer. 
  • Create permanent customer segments for large-scale campaigns and single-use audiences for ad-hoc campaigns. 
  • Develop a coherent, unified, and efficient design across all channels thanks to CareCloud’s email, Viber, and SMS designer. 
  • Supply a well-placed product recommendation. CareCloud’s in-built AI-powered Recommendation Engine will always make relevant suggestions to each customer separately.


Oftentimes overlooked, analytic tools are indispensable in any good omnichannel marketing. You can craft an exciting and fresh strategy that looks good on paper only to have it fail in reality. 

  • Benefit from the overview of your whole business. Constantly updated in real-time, always at your disposal, and neatly structured in dashboards.
  • Learn what channels your customers use the most, their purchase habits, and how responsive they are. Watch out for delivery and conversion rates. Don’t pelt your customers with unwanted messages: find a way towards mutually beneficial communication.
  • Have a complete analysis of each campaign, be it email, SMS, social, PUSH, WhatsApp, Viber, or even Passmachine. Adjust each channel and make your marketing communication whole.


This holistic approach is known to work exceedingly well in the retail and pharma industry, both specialties of CareCloud. Retail has seen rather stormy developments of late, and the line between online and in-store purchases is thinner than ever. It is necessary to mediate a seamless integration between the two and a uniform brand identity to drive customer retention further. 

Retail has always been centered around customers and their needs; relevant data, availability, and efficient communication are key. The same goes for pharma, which should be able to provide the best care while mitigating health risks. 

CareCloud has 15 years’ worth of experience with both industries across Europe. Join revered brands such as Porsche or PHOENIX Group and make your omnichannel dreams a profitable reality.


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