Additional Integrations for Your CareCloud

Get to the new level with native integration of miscellaneous applications



Shipments & Warehouse

Enjoy transparent stock item movement record and easy inventory supervision thanks to Shipment & Warehouse application. Create user-friendly reports to get an overview of the current stock amount and movement.

Apply advanced filters or access history of the stock movement to better plan and analyze your warehousing. View and edit all stock details including prices in different currencies, tax, weight, size, condition, or any other custom parameter.


Billing & Invoices

Make your life easier thanks to integrated billing and invoicing application connected directly to your CareCloud. Any order or purchase is automatically processed to avoid any human errors.

Connect any POS, e-shop, or external software with ease thanks to powerful API. Enjoy centralized administration for all your invoices across all channels thanks to CareCloud Billing application.



E-shop & Administration

Get intuitive user administration of your product catalog including product groups, price relations, or any other parameter. Great content administration is connected to the upsell feature increasing the average amount spent on your e-shop.

Define custom or rule-based criteria for product recommendation based on current basket or shopping history to achieve a truly personalized experience for each customer. Improve customers' lifetime value by taking advantage of the recommendation and upsell features in the CareCloud e-shop application.


Webmail server

Webmail application is the best for customer centre agents multi-access to one email address allowing your team to resolve queries using a unified email inbox. Build templates, custom signatures and define ticketing rules to speed up the communication while having full control, thanks to detailed user logs.


Provide a personal touch thanks to advanced templates creation using personalized content from the Customer 360 View App. Use advanced agent activity reporting and keep the customer centre running under your control.



Reservation Management

Save resources by using reservation application to manage your free rooms, tables, or slots. Let your staff manage the reservation to optimize your capacity, or let guests reserve online for an even better experience.

Use automated scenarios to remind guests about their approaching reservation, so they never miss your perfect services. Give them the ability to adjust their reservation so you can provide freed slots to other guests to optimize your capacity.



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