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E-mail Automation: Basic Scenarios to Get You Started

Building strong relationships with customers is possible only thanks to the designed customer journey and intensive, meaningful communication. E-mail automation is the tool to achieve the right content and frequency for communication with your customers. This guide gives you the scenarios you should start with when you are launching your automation.

Welcome e-mail

The simplest form of automation is based on subscription or account creation and consists of only one step, namely sending an e-mail. The only possibility is to delay the e-mail if you don’t wish to send it immediately. You only need to think about the right (and personalized) content and you are good to go.

The only issue you can encounter is while setting the trigger, your automation application should provide you with an exact guide, how to implement the code to your website, POS, or CRM, so the scenario is triggered exactly when you need it to. For example, CareCloud provides you with native integration to its CRM and very powerful API for triggers on websites, mobile apps, and POS.

Timed offer

Once a person subscribes, creates an account, or becomes a member of your customer program he expects large things to happen. Monetize on this momentum by making things really happen. Send a special offer a few days after the welcome e-mail to provide a feeling of true care. Of course, add the element of urgency by giving a clear deadline to the offer. This scenario setup is almost identical to the welcome e-mail, so you should not encounter any obstacles.

Improve the conversion rate by personalizing the offer based on the type of registration, interest, or purchase products. Here you might be limited by capabilities of your marketing platform, especially if you are using free or SME solution. I recommend checking the platform capabilities before devoting time to the scenario. CareCloud offers all these features regardless of the chosen license.

Anniversary e-mail

This is the last scenario linked to the first contact is the anniversary e-mail. It gives your customer know that you care about him in the long run and you want to build mutual respect. It is best to summarize your journey together and mention important milestones. Make it clear you care about them and their interactions with your brand.

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CareCloud Team

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Include relevant content to a customer’s favorite product/service to let them know that you care about their interests. Aim at conversion, for example mention products a customer has not tried so far, or recommend following your social networks. Increased engagement will improve the lifetime value of a customer.

Birthday and Name day e-mail

Everyone likes the attention from their favorite brand, and an e-mail wishing happy birthday gives your customers exactly that attention. If you include a discount or gift voucher, you will strengthen relationships with your customers even more. In many countries, it is customary to celebrate name days, yet many companies forget about it. Surprise your customers with name day e-mail, and you are set for success!

Re-engagement e-mail

Long-time, no see with a customer? Remind them about your astonishing company and awesome products with an e-mail. This scenario detects those inactive customers and brings them back to the herd of frequent shoppers.

This scenario requires a CDP (customer data platform) or CRM to feed the data about the last interaction. Be sure to include a strong incentive to interact with your brand once again

Unopened resend

Your perfect campaign might come at the wrong time, or the subject line did not land properly. This scenario will resend the e-mails at a later time or with a different subject line to all your subscribers, who have not opened the first e-mail.

Your e-mailing service must support this scenario, so make sure that it is supported on the platform you aim to use before committing to it.

Concluding notes

These scenarios will get your e-mail automation started, yet these are the basic ones. It is worthwhile, once you finetune them, to include new, more sophisticated scenarios. This might require assistance from an experienced marketer or a platform that offers consultants to help you get the most from the automation.


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