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CareCloud CDP Tips & Tricks

Create an Exciting Brand Personality and Reap the Rewards

Every business has a human side. Establishing a clear brand identity is key to healthy business growth: winning over the hearts and minds of consumers ensures stable revenue and customer loyalty. Let CareCloud help you find your own tone of voice and lift your retention skyward.


Customers today value brand experience, often even more than the prices. They long for connection and exciting interaction; they crave personalized communication and communication filled with personality. Thankfully, current marketing technology allows for both in abundance.

What’s more, you do not have to decide or maintain your voice just by whim; it can be data-informed as well. With CDP backing you, nothing can stop you from developing a fully fleshed-out brand identity. Learn how to reach your goals with CDP & CRM CareCloud.


In marketing, you are free to use a whole palette of emotions and voices. You may sound sophisticated, punk, neutral, edgy, or ethereal; everything has its audience. Seeking your core customer base should be your primary focus.

CareCloud’s 360 View, in tandem with the Analytics app, helps you find your footing. Each piece of customer data you collect from various touchpoints (web, app, kiosk, store) gives you insight into who your customers are and what they want.

You will soon notice a distinct majority: a particular age category, gender, purchase habits, or additional demographic categories (occupation, parenthood) will help you distill what your  “typical” (or “core”) customer base is. Your top priority should be to focus on building your identity around it.

Suppose your typical customer would be men aged 35-45, mainly working in IT with large purchases. In that case, you can double down on technical slang or be more comfortable in tech-savvy communication with a touch of nerdy sentiment.

Now, you have identified your core target group and can connect to it with the right voice.


Whatever voice you choose to employ, be consistent. In true omnichannel fashion, you should have a unified concept valid across channels. If you decide to have a rebellious voice in emails, your Viber or SMS communication must be in the same vein. Therefore, all marketers, with each working on one channel, need to use a unified voice. The customer experience should be as smooth as possible.

CareCloud unifies automation, campaign design, and customer program management, as well as supports sending messages through other channels: email, push, SMS, Viber, and WhatsApp. Maintaining your brand identity is easier once all your templates, automation workflows, and campaigns stay on the same platform, sharing the same user interface.


Now that you’ve got your identity set, you can fine-tune and perfect communication with other types of customers. That is where segmentation and proper A/B testing come in.

An altered subject line here or a different pre-header there, and you successfully cater to every type of customer. You can still modify your voice (or at least wording) to effectively address different audiences, even with your core identity unchanged,

Unsure that you’ll hit the spot with campaigns? CareCloud’s A/B testing allows you to split the audience at random. Then, you gain insight from CareCloud’s automatic analytic tools to see which version performed the best. You can gradually perfect your output and solidify your brand’s identity!


In the end, being recognizable and engaging falls down to you. Offer striking visuals and clever wordplay, or be minimalistic and chic – just find your audience and be authentic. As for the marketing tools, CareCloud is happy to provide the whole lot, from customer overview to email designer to automation app. Let CareCloud help you find your voice!


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Create an Exciting Brand Personality and Reap the Rewards

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