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Beyond the Email: Employ Other Channels to Drive Retention

Explore new ways to engage customers. Use CDP & CRM CareCloud to send communication across multiple channels: push notifications, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, and more. Email is far from the only option – reach customers on channels they use every day and skyrocket your revenue.


Emailing is great: it costs a small penny, has a wide reach, and supports a sheer variety of designs and formats. But, it also has a poor open rate, a sub-optimal conversion rate, and significant optimization issues. Businesses that wish to up their revenue should consider other means of reaching out.

Thankfully, modern marketing tools like CDP allow communication across various channels, each with its own specific advantages. Increase customer engagement and conversion by using multiple channels in an interconnected fashion: branch out and reach your customers.


Do you intend to introduce ground-breaking deals or new product promotions? Then, ensure your customers do not overlook it in an overflowing email inbox. SMS is a trustworthy, if a little costly, method. 

Yet despite the cost, SMS marketing numbers are above stellar. Comparing its impressive 19% CTR to Email’s 4% speaks volumes, but a nearly 100% open rate is the one thing that seals the deal and makes SMS a powerful marketing tool.

Use them for transactional messages, time-sensitive (24-hour) deals, promotional messages, or abandoned cart messages for large purchases. Weave SMS into your automation workflows and personalize them to drive home the added revenue.

Among the best practices is to keep the text as short and punchy as possible. Also, make sure to provide customers with an easy way to opt out by sending a link. Finally, identify your brand in the text immediately: consider that your number will appear as unknown at first.


Here’s another channel with over 90% open rate and a great utility. Push notifications may require customers to install your app, but once they do, you can really “push” engagement and conversions through the roof! While generally informative, these notifications can become marketing hits, especially when they are short and sweet (10 words or less).

Use push notifications to send alerts to limited 24-hour promos and watch the conversion skyrocket! Offer a relevant and precise product recommendation to cement your customers’ loyalty.

Perhaps the greatest strength of push is in re-engagement tactics like back-in-stock, inventory or customer program updates, and most importantly, the abandoned cart message. Reviving a purchase should be on every marketer’s mind, as almost 70% of online purchases end up abandoned. There is gold to be found: just dig deeper.

Be also aware of the opt-in, which works differently on iOS and Android: the former requires customers to agree to receive notifications, while the latter sends notifications automatically after installing apps. Nevertheless, with iOS, your notifications are sure to be efficient because they are literally sought-after by customers themselves.


Messaging apps are taking the marketing world by storm, and you need to be there for it. Their open rates are on par with SMS, and their use is widespread (WhatsApp is the most used messaging app, and Viber reached 1.3 billion users in 2022, according to Rakuten Inc.).

Both messaging apps are perfect platforms for custom ads and product promotions. Viber boasts an average CTR of 25%, while WhatsApp maintains 15%, both impressive numbers. These apps are more affordable than SMS, with almost the same reach. But their true potential lies in chatbots, tireless automatic workers ideal for product promotion or customer service.

Previously impossible, messaging apps can now lead users through the whole customer journey, from the Awareness phase all the way to the Retarget phase. For example, WhatsApp chatbots have a 28% lead-to-conversion rate.


Whether you choose to add one channel or all of them, you’ll need two things: a platform to send the communication from and loads of customer data. Thankfully, CDP & CRM CareCloud can get you both.

As a Customer Data Platform, CareCloud automatically collects customer data from all integrated touchpoints (from website to in-store systems), cleans it, and standardizes it for further use in campaigns, automation, or customer programs.

Moreover, its Campaigns & Audiences app allows you to send personalized messages through all the above-mentioned channels. The door to higher revenue and conversions is wide open. Just step through and transform your marketing with CareCloud.


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