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CareCloud CDP Tips & Tricks

Why Do Email Campaigns End Up in Trash?

Stop sending one email campaign to every customer. Learn what your customers wish and need. Enhance your marketing and provide unique personal experiences for your customers.


Most companies these days send newsletters. The expected routine is to create just one version and send it to every customer. But customers are different, and every customer has their own particular needs and desires. 

Learn how to segment your customers. Start using marketing automation, send customers emails at the right time, and master multichannel campaign sending.


There are myriad simple ways how you can filter your customers: like demographic segmentation that filters customers based on age, gender, or education. Another way is geographic segmentation, which categorizes by location of living or places of purchase. But there are more ingenious ways to segment your customers.

Filter your customer wisely and effectively. Collect your customer’s data and make segments according to their purchasing history. Thanks to that, you will know what product to send them.

Another sophisticated way is RFM segmentation. At its simplest, it filters customers according to their last purchase, how often they buy, and how much they spend. Each customer gets points, according to which they will be divided into groups.

RFM segmentation can tell how often you should send the marketing campaigns to each customer.


Remind customers about your brand at the right time with the right product. Send personalized communication. Use AI that chooses the right product recommendation for every individual and makes your customers feel special.

Marketing Automation takes care of the whole customer journey and covers every stage. Define a trigger and set a workflow. Choose the days and hours the campaign should be sent. After that, according to the customer data, the system sends it to the customer at the right time.


Once you have the customers in the right segment and the workflow is set – it’s time to send the actual campaign. What type of channel do you usually use? Email? Learn what medium your customer prefers. Try a multichannel campaign – SMS, push notification, Viber, etc.

Stop spending money on external tools and start using a more complex solution. CDP & CRM CareCloud’s Campaign & Segmentation and Marketing Automation apps save time and money. Avoid ineffective marketing campaigns. Improve your time management – Join CareCloud.


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