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What Is NPS, and Why Is It Significant for Your Success?

Ask your customers the crucial question to understand their experience with your brand! Net Promoter Score is based on customer feedback and reveals how your brand is perceived using one simple question.

We’ll describe what NPS is, how your customers’ answers are grouped based on their feedback, the effect, how the score is calculated, and how knowing NPS advances your ability to build strong customer relationships.

This straightforward metric consists of a critical question, “How likely are you to recommend a company/product/service to someone else?” with an answer on a scale from 0 to 10. The scores provided by customers are grouped to provide clear insight.

Three Types of Customers

Answers are grouped into three types: Promoters (positive feedback), Passives (neutral feedback), and Detractors (negative feedback).

Understanding how large each group is, gives you insight into how customers discuss your brand with their friends and families. Use this insight to predict whether your customer base will grow naturally by recommendations or whether there might be a challenge ahead to building relationships with your customers.

How Does NPS Serve You?

Knowing the NPS allows you to find and rectify issues that generate detractors and nurture actions that earn you promoters. Understand what’s affecting customers’ responses and adjust your customer-facing processes to boost their satisfaction.

Use the NPS to grow your customer relationships today!

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