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What Happened in 2023 in CareCloud? Here Are the Most Popular New Features!

By Bára Horejš  2. 1. 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on our strides at CareCloud. Discover the innovative features we rolled out this year, ensuring you’re not missing out on the latest enhancements. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re excited to elevate your experience even more in 2024. Stay tuned for what’s to come!


Exploring the CareCloud interface for the first time and feeling a bit lost? Meet Abigail, our brand-new AI chatbot ready to assist you! Let Abigail be your guide, effortlessly directing you to your destination.


Recommendation Engine will make your work on emailing faster and smarter! Add the recommendation to the email template! Choose the number of products you want to recommend, and our AI Product Recommendation Engine will choose the best products each customer might appreciate based on what they shopped for in the past or viewed on your website. 


When creating a campaign in Campaigns & Segmentation, you can now conduct automatic A/B testing. Choose a metric (uplift, UTM revenue, click-through rate…) you want to achieve and split your audience in two to test the outcome. CareCloud will evaluate which template is more successful and send that template to the rest of the audience.


In the RFM segments overview, you can now find a new widget! The KPI parameters’ specifics illustrate a comparison across all RFM segments for the average number of purchases, the average order value, and the average turnover of customers in the designated segment.


Visualize your campaign’s timeline effortlessly with our intuitive calendar display! The calendar showcases both sent and scheduled campaigns. Hovering over a campaign reveals a preview or concise details. Clicking provides access to template previews, click heatmaps, detailed reports, and download options for sending results. Additionally, selecting the campaign type icon offers a comprehensive overview tailored to the specific campaign type, enhancing your campaign management experience.


Viber is a cheaper alternative to SMS campaigns while remaining a fast and reliable way! Viber is used by over a billion users worldwide. Viber doesn’t have the same strict messaging requirements as WhatsApp, and the cost per message is much lower than SMS. Enjoy the same user interface you already know from SMS campaigns when sending a Viber campaign. Your campaigns remain the same as you knew them, only enhanced!


Smart, swift, and dependable! Introducing Smart Search, a standout feature that’s worth celebrating. If you’re unsure where something is in CareCloud, just type it up! Whether you’re seeking customers, properties, or user guide results, Smart Search has your back, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience!


  • Customized  RFM segments: Customize RFM segments to consider only a fraction of your customer database.
  • Email Bounce Reason: don’t spend any more time making educated guesses about why your email bounced. Check the reason in the analysis easily.
  • Comparison group advanced settings: When creating a comparison group, choose between a fixed number of customers in your comparison group and a percentual portion of them.
  • Custom consent types: Consent types are enhanced! Now, you can tailor customer consent to your needs – communication channel, service, communication type, etc.
  • Graph Prediction: Selected graphs now predict performance in future periods. 
  • Customer data history: When customer data changes, you can see the previous info and where (app, customer support, web, etc.) it was changed.
  • Audience size checking: When creating a segment, you can check with one click to see how many people it includes to determine if creating a segment of that size makes sense.

We hope your CareCloud experience in 2023 was even better than last year and look forward to enhancing it even more! We wish you all the best in 2024.


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What Happened in 2023 in CareCloud? Here Are the Most Popular New Features!

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on our…