Build Your Own Loyalty Program

Improve customer retention with a reward program to boost your customer data collection and improve brand reputation


Simplify Loyalty Management

Enjoy an easy reward program setup for all your channels from one place. Manage your customer program in CareCloud Loyalty Engine to revamp your loyalty management and monetize on customer interactions.


Get your cloud loyalty solution to manage membership levels, point-based schemes, flat discounts, and special promotions in an intuitive user interface.


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Higher AOV with Loyalty CDP

Use customer data from reward program to better target your promotions, automate marketing, and aim for upsell possibilities.


Utilize loyalty program for mor frequent interaction with customers and enjoy increased shopping frequency together with improved retention.


Start with Loyalty today!

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Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Monetize the possibilities of customer program to get the most from your customers. Develop tailored loyalty program that suits your customers and gives them reason to shop again.


Improve your automation, customer segmentation, and marketing campaings with data from Loyalty Engine.



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