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Dark Mode: The Dreaded Spectre of the Emailing World

Emailing is at the top of the marketing world these days, but there are things that you need to watch out for. Below, you will find everything you need to know about Dark Mode – why it is so prevalent in emails, the risks involved, and much more.


Dark Mode is a display setting for user interfaces with light text on a dark background. In emailing, a dark mode was used for the first time in 2018 by Apple, and a year later, Google started using dark mode, too.

You find the benefit of Dark Mode, especially when you work at night. Dark Mode minimizes the blue light that affects your eyes the most. Moreover, it saves your computer battery.

These days, most email applications use Dark Mode, but some don’t use it correctly. Email clients like Apple Mail display email the same, whether the email box is set up for dark or light mode. 

Apps like Gmail Android and Outlook switch between dark and light modes based on the color scheme. Furthermore, some applications don’t respect it and invert colors instead (Gmail iOs App, Outlook 2019 for Windows).


There are things you need to be careful about with Dark Mode. Otherwise, your emails won’t look the way you want them to.

  1. Transparent PNGs

That’s images without the background. A transparent background will ensure readers won’t be subjected to the bright light around the image once they switch to dark mode.

  1. Translucent outline to the dark text

If you have text in your logo, the text can disappear in dark mode. You can add a border around white elements to make the text visible. With this option, you need to be careful so it looks good. On the other hand, you can always insert a logo with a colorful background, where you don’t need to be afraid of inversion.

  1. Coding

The only way you can control the display method is by coding. Thanks to that, email applications can recognize you have the dark mode version for your readers. CareCloud designer always has Dark Mode on default, but if you want to work with it more, it needs to be done through the code. The coding can look like this:

<meta name=’’supported-color-schemes’’ content=’’light>

<meta name=’’supported-color-schemes’’ content=’’light dark’’>


According to the statistics from Litmus, 70% of respondents said that if a user uses default mode, emails should be sent in the same Mode. Using only one mode is not enough for most customers, especially the ones with visual impairments.

Testing your emails is the alpha and omega of Dark Mode. Before you send the email to the customers, send it to yourself and see what happens. Test both of them in the light mode and the dark mode, ideally for more email clients.


Design individual emails in light and dark mode. CareCloud platform offers you Email Designer, where you can design email from scratch or use an already created template to be edited. Dark Mode is automatically allowed in the CareCloud platform and, according to tests, works wonders.

Email Preview will show you what the email will look like – both desktop and mobile previews are available. Send the email first to yourself, thanks to the testing button.

In case you get lost, CareCloud has a Help Guide where you can find step-by-step instructions.


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