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CareCloud CDP Tips & Tricks

Unlock the Power of Single Customer View with CDP

The fight for customers is fierce. One of the possible ways to win is through a comprehensive view of customers thanks to data from multiple customer touchpoints – online & offline to create a personalized shopping experience.


Single Customer View is a strategic approach to collecting and processing customer data, including purchase history, website activity, and product recommendations. Understand your customers’ shopping behavior.


Firstly, you need to gather customer data about their shopping behavior, such as their average spending, favorite book or movie genre, or clothing size.

Once you start to collect and use the data, you start to understand your customers, allowing you to offer them relevant product/service offers. Dobrovsky books collect data such as favorite genre and author or preferred store, and thanks to that, they can offer the customers the books they like. Improve the customer experience as well as customer relations.

Customers who feel understood are more likely to interact with your brand, such as by sending feedback or reading your emails. This is extremely important for fashion brands. Having feedback on how a piece of clothing fits is priceless.

Lastly, thanks to real-time data, you can segment customers, create personalized marketing campaigns, and target the right audiences. This reduces marketing costs and increases the conversion rate simultaneously.


Creating a Single Customer View requires a technology solution: a Customer Data Platform.

CDP is a software that collects data from every customer touchpoint – online and offline. Integrate your e-shop, POS system, and mobile app – analyze every piece of information to understand your customer’s purchase behavior.

How does CDP help with Single Customer View?

  • Data integration: CDP integrates into different channels (e-shop, POS, etc.). 
  • Data cleaning and enrichment: it fixes inconsistent data so your database is constantly updated.
  • Real-time updates: customer needs are always changing, so collecting data into CDP keeps the customer database updated.

Choosing the right Customer Data Platform can be challenging. Join CDP & CRM CareCloud and create the best shopping experience for your customers. Use applications like Campaign & Audiences, Marketing Automation, or Analysis & Reporting. The success is only one platform away.


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Unlock the Power of Single Customer View with CDP

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