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73% ROI Guaranteed

Implement CareCloud to achieve guaranteed 73% ROI by improving Customer Lifetime Value, eliminating customer churn, and boosting customer loyalty. Take advantage of natively integrated apps for marketing, automation, and loyalty improvement.

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2.6 times more recurring sales new

2.6 Times More Recurring Sales

The automation app takes care of abandoned carts, hibernating customers, and products with periodical use. Build automation workflows to multiply the percentage of active customers.

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27% Churn Decrease

Combine the Loyalty Engine with smart Audiences and content personalization to maintain meaningful interaction with the customer base to keep them engaged with your brand.

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27 % churn decrease new
36% Lifetime value growth new

36% Lifetime Value Growth

Omnichannel Campaign app with personalization and AI product recommendation assures that customers get perfect product offers and spend much more! Boost promotions with automation rules to incentivize frequent purchases.

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17 p. Increase in NPS

The synergy of CareCloud apps makes customers feel valued and understood, which translates into their satisfaction with your brand.

Improve and measure brand image with CareCloud.

17 p. increase in NPS new

* Disclaimer: Mentioned percentages, results, and performances are the expected results of a proactive, dedicated team of proportionate size, training, and experience after 18 months of intensive leveraging of all CDP & CRM CareCloud applications.