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SMS Campaigns Are on the Rise; Make Sure You Don’t Miss Them

SMS messages have a higher open rate than emails. Learn everything you need to know about SMS campaigns – the benefits and the best practices necessary for success. Sending email campaigns is a classic process, so why not try SMS?


Customers are more likely to open an SMS than an email. According to the CDP statistics, text message has 19% click-through on average, while email message has only 4%, which increases the chances that customers will purchase the promoted product or service. 

The greatest benefit of SMS marketing is that customers always get the message. Customers are congested with emails, but with texts, it’s different because most companies no longer use SMS marketing. SMS campaigns were on top long ago but faded into the background after the email arrived. Since 2020, mobile marketing has been rising again, and more growth is expected, so make sure you don’t miss the train.

Just like email marketing, even SMS marketing has its own best practices. Learn how to catch your customer with just one message.


Before starting an SMS campaign, you need to define achievable and measurable goals, such as increasing the volume of customer purchases, the number of voucher redemptions, or in-store visitors.

Like any other marketing campaign, an SMS campaign must also give the customers value (mainly, it can’t look like spam). Here are some campaign types that your customers may find interesting:

  • special offer based on customer purchase history
  • timed offers that end soon
  • information about the loyalty program
  • showcase of new product or service

You can’t create an SMS campaign without a proper marketing platform. But how to choose the right one? Here are the functions necessary for your campaign´s success.

  • Automatic sending – Using automatic workflows will increase productivity and reduce workload. Once the workflow is designed, it works automatically without your intervention and sends the text message at the right time to every customer individually.
  • A/B testing – To know what works for your customers and what doesn’t, you need to do the A/B testing first. Send your customers only the content that is relevant to them.
  • Analysis and reports – Earlier, we said you must define measurable targets. Have an overview of your campaign. See if it was successful and what would work better next time.


Even though we talked about messages sent through SMS, some platforms send messages through WhatsApp or Viber as well. The only downside of  SMS messages is that they are costly. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye on the ratio between the costs and the effect of SMS marketing and use SMS only when it´s potentially profitable. Whatsapp and Viber serve as way cheaper alternatives. 


Join CareCloud and start using the Campaign & Segmentation app with an intuitive SMS designer. Here, you can design your perfect text messages. Use the Marketing Automation app to send messages automatically at the right time to every individual customer. Check the results in the Analysis & Reporting app, where you find the most needed dashboards to see if you achieve your targets.


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