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CareCloud CDP Tips & Tricks

Automation in the Fitness Industry: Have More Time for Your Workouts

Motivate your customers to spend time in your gym. Implementing effective automation can make a huge difference. It will help you expand gym memberships, better organize group lessons booking, and enhance overall profitability.


Stand out from the crowd with game-changing automation workflows. The number of fitness players in the market is huge. Most of them become popular for a few years and then are replaced. 

According to VB Insight, 80% of fitness businesses experience a rise in customer numbers after implementing automation workflows. Collect customer data and send them a lesson schedule emphasizing options that match their interests.

Communicate consistently with your training buddies. Design an automatic workflow and send them emails without your intervention. Reduce your workload and focus on growing your business.

Once a customer creates a new reservation, send them a confirmation email. Ensure your customer won’t forget, and send an SMS reminder the day before. Ask for feedback after the group lesson. It’s good for the lecturer and the gym to know whether the workout lessons are good.


Show your customers that you care about them and utilize the drip campaign. During registration, inquire about their goals: muscle gain, weight loss, or overall health improvement. Subsequently, send a series of emails containing your fitness tips, tailored exercises, or basic workout plans. Use the out-of-the-box workflow offered by CareCloud to streamline the whole process. After three months, send an email to ask about their progress. Additionally, assist by offering available trainers at your fitness studio.

Design a motivational email for customers who haven’t been in the gym for a time. We all know this – the lack of motivation beating us, but one email could do a lot. Provide them a special offer for coming back, for example, an isotonic drink or protein bar they can pick up at reception.

Regular visitors pay for membership once a year. To ensure they won’t forget to purchase again, design one simple workflow to send them an email or SMS reminder that their membership is about to expire. 

Use the Marketing Automation from CareCloud Platform and create your workflows easily with the Help Guide, or choose one of the out-of-the-box workflows and edit it as you like and wish.


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