Tipy a triky pro správu vztahů se zákazníky

Získejte nový drajv pro chytřejší zpracování zákaznických dat a zlepšování vztahů s vašimi zákazníky. Některé tipy jsou k dispozici pouze v angličtině.

[Webinar] Customer Data Solution for Pharmacies

Od Vladimír Stříteský / 22. 6. 2021

We have hosted a unique webinar focused on getting the most from your customer database. Discover the secrets of successful customer relationship & data management thanks to a showcase of real-time customer data processing implemented for Europe’s leading pharmacy operator. Don’t despair if you missed the webinar. We have recorded it for you, so that…

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Why to use email templates?

Od Ondřej Pexa / 25. 2. 2021

As many researchers have shown, creating an email consumes a high amount of time. It may take seven or more days for many marketers to design and produce one marketing campaign. And marketers work on multiple campaigns, meaning that an abundance of time is devoted to email creation. But what if we tell you that…

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Understand Product Recommendation Types

Od Miloslav Pexa / 18. 8. 2020

Recommending the right products in the cart and during checkout is the way to the profitable e-shop. Let’s look at how to get the most from this feature. There are three main recommendation types that we will be talking about. Firstly the history-based recommendation, secondly the cart-based recommendation, and thirdly the trend-based recommendation. Those three…

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E-mail Automation: Basic Scenarios to Get You Started

Od Vladimír Stříteský / 15. 8. 2020

Building strong relationships with customers is possible only thanks to the designed customer journey and intensive, meaningful communication. E-mail automation is the tool to achieve the right content and frequency for communication with your customers. This guide gives you the scenarios you should start with when you are launching your automation. Welcome e-mail The simplest…

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Animation In E-mails: Avoid 3 Common mistakes

Od Ondřej Pexa / 16. 7. 2020

E-mail animation is one of the current trends which creates pressure on the marketing team around the globe to implement this new element. Animation grants a dynamic and attractive impression to the e-mail if done correctly. Let’s look at GIFs and CSS animation with regard to common mistakes. In order to maximize the benefits of…

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Tips And Tricks During Limited Operation

Od Vladimír Stříteský / 15. 6. 2020

Current measures protecting health have changed the growth plans of many successful businesses into plans of survival. Each impacted company knows best their field and customers, hence has the best knowledge of how to react to the limited operation. Nonetheless, in Cortex, we have decided to write down a checklist of activities, which could help…

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