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New Ways to Integrate CDP & CRM CareCloud

Autor: Vladimír Stříteský  28. 2. 2022 ,

As CareCloud connects to Make (formerly Integromat), it gets easier to integrate CDP&CRM CareCloud with other systems, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Integrations between CareCloud and other apps thus become faster and more straightforward. No programming is needed, you only drag and drop resources. But let’s dive right in to find out more.

Make connects apps, services, and smart devices using automated scenarios – they will do the work for you! It’s easier than you’d think, done simply by dragging and dropping resources you want to link. There is not a single line of code needed for most integrations and no need to connect two APIs in an expensive, manual way.

You, as the user, have a free hand to create whatever integrations you desire. They can be straightforward but also advanced and complex. All of this is made easy with visual editors:

If you need to sum up multiple values or move a date value over a few days, the most commonly used functions concerning text, numbers, dates, and lists are available for you. You can find Excel functions, iterators, aggregators, error handlers, and routers.


Create integrations with no coding and enjoy the easy visual editors. Visualize, design, and automate your customer data flow in minutes! Feel free to take advantage of Integromat’s features when implementing CareCloud. Seize this opportunity and connect CareCloud to different types of software such as Chatbots, Payment Processing, Social media, Email, E-commerce, and E-shops.

Watch this video to see how the creators of Make sum up what it’s all about

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to reach out:


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